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Help students with Challenges / Life-long Learning / Lasting Cognitive Change / Psycho-educational Evaluation / Tailored Sessions / Learning Strengths & Challenges

Our goals are to help students with learning disabilities and challenges to learn and reason more effectively and to increase students’ capacity to learn. This sets in motion life-long learning and lasting cognitive change. Testing not only allows us to best meet the needs of our students as we prescribe therapy, but the data also shows that NILD 

Educational Therapy does result in lasting cognitive change.

We require an initial psycho-educational evaluation before students enter educational therapy. This enables the therapist to skillfully tailor  her sessions to the specific needs of each student. In addition to the initial tests administered to gain a deeper understanding of each student’s learning strengths and challenges, annual evaluations are administered by the therapist to determine the effectiveness of the therapy intervention as well as guide future learning goals.


Psycho-Educational Evaluation May Include:

The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for

Children (WISC-V)

Beery Developmental Test of Visual Motor Integration (VMI)

Woodcock-Johnson Achievement Test   (WJ-IV)

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