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 Vicki A. Nolt, M.Ed., PCET, CDT

Vicki A. Nolt, M.Ed., PCET, SLDS

Masters of Education from Regent University

Professionally Certified Educational Therapist 

Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist

Founder & President, Rockingham Educational Therapy

Vicki has 19 years of classroom experience at the elementary level and has worked with children with learning difficulties for many of those years. 

​She completed her Master's in Educational Therapy in 2015 to gain expertise in working further with children with learning challenges. In recognition for excellence in the field of teaching individuals with dyslexia to read, Vicki is certified as a Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist through the International Dyslexia Association. Vicki is married to Wes and they have three girls. two live locally, and one lives in Richmond. She is grandmother to three boys. In addition to her career, Vicki enjoys reading, sewing, gardening, singing, exercising and God's creation.

Josie, Golden Retriever-Border Collie 

First Step


​Understanding Counselor, Play Adviser, Snuggle Coach​

Josie is an nine year old dog with a golden personality. She loves to interact with children and will brighten up anyone's day with her fun loving personality. Josie loves to sit on command and snuggle up for a pat on the head. 

You can e-mail our office for information and questions or to set up a free 1/2 hour consultation.

The first step is to return the application.

A psycho-educational assessment from a psychologist is needed that performs an ability test and a variety of other things that help diagnose the child's difficulties.  Some families already have this evaluation. If not, our office can make referrals.  


Vicki will schedule time for some formal and informal testing on your child to further determine their strengths and weaknesses. An individualized written report and intervention plan is given to you at our parent/therapist conference. 

​"It's like playing soccer with your brain."


Student's comment on Educational Therapy with Mrs. Nolt


"I am grateful to Vicki for her professional expertise, and credit her for laying a foundation for my son's current success in the classroom environment."

Parent of student

"Vicki identified, and confirmed through testing, my son's issue with auditory processing. He worked with Mrs. Nolt.  After six months of educational therapy, this young man showed significant improvement. He enjoyed working with Mrs. Nolt. She was kind and patient with him, carefully explaining exercises and assignments that he was to complete."


Middle school math teacher and parent

Contact form to make an appointment or to request a free consultation. 

Thank you for your inquiry. I will contact you via email or phone soon.

Rockingham Educational                    Therapy

4920 Sky Road

Rockingham, VA 22802

Telephone: 540-578-0161

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